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Watch Your Kids Get Home, Wherever You Are

October 31, 2012 can let you see your kids right when they get home from school. You can set your camera up to send you a message with a video clip when your kids walk in the front door.

Here's how:

  1. Make sure your camera is pointing at the front door (or wherever your kids come in).
  2. Make sure you have yourself (or whoever wants to receive the notification) added into your address book (available under the "Notifications" tab at the top of your screen once you log into your account).
  3. Click the "Video" tab, then select "Recording Schedules."
  4. To add a new event and trigger a notification, click "Add a System-Triggered Schedule"* or "Add a Motion-Triggered Schedule,"** and you can set up the camera to begin recording a clip when the camera detects motion, when the door sensor is opened, or when your kids unlock the door, depending on what type of system you have or your preference.
  5. Choose how you want your notification delivered - as a push notification, text or email.

Now your system is all set up to let you know that your kids are home and safe.

Any questions setting it up? Call our info line at 877-389-4033.

* only available for Advanced Interactive customers
** available for all Video customers

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